Monday, May 2, 2011

Ladybugs on a Log: #29

I'm a little behind - this is last Friday's lunch. It doesn't look like much, but sweetPea really enjoyed it. On the left is brown basmati rice with coconut milk. On the right are celery sticks filled with strawberry cream cheese and topped with Craisins, from a recipe called Ladybugs on a Log. Also included is a sliced kiwi.

I didn't have any strawberry cream cheese like they used in the recipe so I kind of made our own. It was surprisingly good. All I did was chop up a strawberry and mix it in to plain cream cheese. I also added a little real maple syrup for sweetness. It was hard to mush in and came out kind of lumpy, but it was super tasty. sweetPea ate every bite of her bento.

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