Monday, May 9, 2011

Derby Winner: #34

We had a fabulous Derby Day with friends. In case you missed it, Plum Pretty won the Oaks race and Animal Kingdom won the Derby. None of us had picked that horse. In fact, I think Pea's horse came in 10th and mine came in 9th. Not that we bet, it's just fun to choose a horse to cheer for as they run down the finish line. 

So today's bento is in honor of Animal Kingdom. On the bottom is brown basmati rice with a nori horse head. The blanket of roses is made from strawberries and a little bit of lettuce. The eye and nose are bits of provolone. On top is a salad made from lettuce, red bell peppers, jicama, and a radish rose. sweetPea designed that part - it's supposed to represent the crowd watching from the stands. 

She wanted me to make an entire horse running, but I was afraid the nori would be too fiddly to cut that kind of detail. The horse head was much easier than I thought so maybe next time I'll be more brave. 

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  1. Very stylish! Radish looks so appealing, as do the juicy red strawberies!