Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fleur-de-Lis: #32

In the left-hand side of the box are a polenta fleur-de-lis fried in butter, some of this season's first radishes, and cucumbers. On the right are strawberry and kiwi slices.  

The fleu-de-lis the Official Seal of the City of Louisville. It is ubiquitous in the area. You'll find it on t-shirts and hats, on business logos, and even as the name of a cafe. The winner of The Oaks race has a garland of lilies placed over her shoulders. And now it's in a bento. It actually came apart a bit when I fried it, but I'll be honest - I didn't feel like taking the time to cut out another one.  

Strawberries and kiwi are sweetPeas favorite fruits at the moment so in they go. I like to buy local, fresh produce, but this time of the year it's still difficult to find too much of that. Lots of greens are in, chives, even asparagus. Sure, I could send her with a salad every. single. day, but I think she'd balk at that fairly quickly. And unfortunately she's jut not a big asparagus fan, but she was super happy to see the radishes. You'd think they'd be too spicy for a kid, but these are fairly mild and she loves the crunchy spiciness of radishes. 

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