Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Simple Bento: #36

This is another example of how a simple lunch can be prepared quickly and still look lovely. In the box are a provolone cheese sandwich on a croissant, sliced kiwis, Coconut Apple Carrot mini muffins, and some crunchy Honey Roasted Chickpeas. I added a chive flower just to make it pretty. I think sweetPea will appreciate that surprise at lunchtime.

I got the idea of adding a little flower from the BentoBird blog. Her bentos are very elegant and lovely. They're not charaben and seem to be geared more for an adult, but I think I'd love to sit down to a lunch as beautiful as hers. (Yes, I have bento envy. Leave me alone.)


  1. Hi! Bentobird here, honored by your lovely comments! Edible flowers really perk up a bento I think...lots of nasturtium seeds have been planted in our front yard this year :D

    Will you be growing some edible blooms this spring/summer?
    Best wishes, Jenn

  2. I did plant some nasturtium seeds, but I think the squirrels dug them up. If it ever stops raining, I'll get out there and plant some more.

    She didn't like the chive flower. She said it made her sandwich taste "spicy".