Monday, April 18, 2011

Thunder Over Louisville: #22

Thunder Over Louisville is the big opener of the Kentucky Derby Festival. It is held on the 3rd Saturday before the actual Derby race is held. I've gone many times over the years, but we've yet to take sweetPea. Frankly, I'm afraid the long day would be too much for her to handle and the loud noise would freak her out. However, we tend to catch it the day after on the interwebs since the fireworks don't even start until 9:30. The rest of the day is filled with fighter jets and other various aeronautical displays. Some day we'll take her, but this year she'll get to experience it through her bento. :)

We always watch the display from the Kentucky side, but I thought it would be prettier to pretend like we're watching it from Indiana and can see the Louisville skyline. So she has a cheddar cheese skyline with beet and jicama fireworks. The rice is the last of the Forbidden rice. It's packed in our brand new LunchBots Uno.

People keep asking me how long it takes to make these lunches. Really it depends on how detailed I get. This one only took about 15 minutes this morning. I used leftover rice from last night and had already peeled and sliced the beet. Then I just had to slice a bit of jicama and cut all my shapes. Pea stood on a chair at the counter while eating her oatmeal and watched me.

The Verdict: She ate all of it.

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