Friday, April 1, 2011

Sushi Bento: #14

I've never made sushi before, but sweetPea told me the other day that she "just loooooves sushi". How could I argue with that? It surprises me a bit because the nori has such a strong fish flavor. She completely turns her nose up at all fish.

Most sushi we find locally is made with sesame seeds so we can't just stop at the Whole Foods deli and pick up a few. She's allergic to tree nuts and many seeds. So I watched a few videos on Youtube and figured I could give it a shot. My very first roll was pretty ridiculous looking (but still tasty). The second one was tucked into this very simple lunch.

Included are four sushi pieces made with rice, carrots, cucumber, and avocado. On the right are red grapes. 

I obviously had the nori wrapper and the rice, but I don't have any special sushi equipment. Instead of a bamboo sushi mat, I used a placemat covered with plastic wrap. She missed school today, because she was complaining of ear pain. This lunch was quickly made as we were rushing out the door on the way to the pediatrician.  

She ate two of the pieces and all of the grapes while we were in the little room at the doctor's office. We were seen pretty quickly and it turns out she's fine, just really congested.

When we got home I made us a very tasty nutritious treat I wanted to mention because it's so very very good. I've been following Weelicious and she had a program on making avocado shakes. While making the sushi, I noticed that our avocados were really ripe and won't last much longer. She has a specific recipe on Weelicious, but I simply threw in stuff until it tasted good. I used one avocado, one banana, some milk, some coconut milk, and a spoonful of honey. Oh, and I threw in a few ice cubes.

Yum. I think I want another.

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