Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunnies Galore: #23

In our new LunchBots Uno sweetPea has a mama bunny made out of provolone cheese on half a ciabatta roll with cheddar cheese details. She has 3 baby bunnies made out of apple slices. The bunnies (and Pea) are feasting on broccoli, carrots, and blackberries. Those are actually some of the same things the bunnies like to eat from our garden. I tried to make a little barrier between the bread and the blackberries using a slice of carrot. We'll see how it went when she gets home.

I know it's a little off topic from the bento theme, but I wanted to share a fun craft idea. I spent yesterday making these with Pea's class, which is composed of kids ages 3 through 5. I did a lot of helping, but the kids loved choosing the little details and filling their socks with beans. I worked with one child at a time and when he or she was finished, the bunny was supposed to be placed on a shelf until time to go home. Some of the kids were convinced the bunny wanted to spend the day with the child rather than sitting on the shelf. One little girl thought her bunny needed to go to the bathroom with her.

Pea spent a lot of time after school teaching her bunny how to be the Easter Bunny. Apparently "Loppy" needed to go to Easter Bunny school after taking a timed nap. Then Loppy hid plastic eggs around the house for me to find. Then it was my turn to help Loppy hide the eggs for Pea to find.

In other words, it's a great craft that lends itself to lots of imagination. Just make sure to tie the sock closed tightly. I was able to help about 20 kids make bunnies. I think altogether it took about 4 hours - about 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

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