Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Chicks: #18

Poor Pea was not very happy to be going back to school today. She loves her teachers and friends, but says the day just goes on too long. At least she had some cute little chickens to keep her company. In the top container are carrots, cucumbers, blackberries, and strawberries. On the bottom are a Barred Rock hen (like our own black-and-white speckled hen named Beauty) and two little Buff Orpingtons.

The big hen is made from sushi rice and Forbidden rice mixed together after cooking. She actually does have eyes, but they blend in with the black rice. I guess I should've used something other than nori to make her eyes. Her comb is strawberry and her beak is carrot. The other two are made from my first attempt at tamagoyaki. I made it using two eggs in a small round cast iron skillet. It definitely wasn't as easy as the pictures and directions insinuated, but I think it worked out. If the girl eats the little yellow chicks, it'll give her a good boost of protein. We also have adult buff orpingtons in our flock, but sweetPea decided it was a mama and her two babies.

The Verdict: Blargh. I tried to pull a few over on her and both backfired. First, I accidentally (on purpose) failed to send ranch dressing for her to dip her veggies. So she didn't eat her veggies. Then I told her that the tamagoyaki was "scrambled eggs that have been shaped into chicks". She said it tasted "weird". So she ate her rice and the fruit. 

I'm really trying to get some protein in her other than dairy and it just isn't working. We don't eat meat (I've been adding fish back into our diet, but she'll have none of that), she can't eat nuts and certain seeds due to allergies, she thinks beans are the grossest things in the universe (other than meat), and tofu is "yucky"; so really all that's left is dairy. Occasionally she'll eat eggs, which is what I was attempting to capitalize on here. I'm hoping if I stick it in her bento every  now and then she'll get used to the flavor. 

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