Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Fun: #43

The bottom section holds blue rice with chive "seaweed" and cheddar and provolone fish. The top section has a rocky cantaloupe beach with a BabyBel beach ball. I also sprinkled around some blueberries for color. Mr. Pea saw those and asked if they were tar balls from the Gulf oil spill. I included a cute watermelon umbrella that I got at Joanne's Crafts for half price.

This blue rice turned out much better than my last disastrous attempt. The trick is to cook the rice first and then add the cabbage water. (If you're new here, you can easily make blue coloring by steeping chopped red cabbage leaves for a few moments, strain it, and then add a little baking soda. Voila. Blue.)

Ha! I just now realized that my beach ball looks more like a peppermint. Oh, well. Now I have an idea for next Christmas.

The Verdict: She ate everything but the rice. She said it tasted gross. Maybe I'll try using beet juice with a touch of baking soda next time for a blue color. I've not tried that, but I'd imagine the result would be the same. Plus she likes beet risotto so I'd think the flavor of beets would be more palatable to her.

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