Monday, June 6, 2011

Strawberries & Pineapples: #41

Today is the first day of a week-long summer camp held at sweetPea's school. They have a fairly normal, albeit relaxed, school day during the morning and then they have time for water play after lunch. The camp focuses on science. I hear that today the kids will be bringing home a new pet - a little tadpole. I guess I'll have to do a frog bento at some point. :)

We still have lots of strawberries ripening in our garden. In this bento, I made a strawberry & pineapple fruit salad. The only thing extra I added to the fruit was a sprinkling of sugar to allow the strawberries to macerate. In the right side are little strawberry and pineapple shaped provolone cheese sandwiches and a few baby carrots. I also included iced water with a squeeze of lime for her to drink.

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