Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ice Cream & Cookies: #44

sweetPea has some super tasty salads in her lunch today. We have had late August temperatures for about the last week so I've been loathe to do much cooking, especially later in the afternoon. I put together a plethora of salads that we can eat on for this week.

Counterclockwise from bottom-left: purple cabbage cole slaw, Wheat Berry Waldorf Salad (without walnuts), blueberries, Big Soft Ginger Cookies, a BabyBel cheese, and in the center is a piece of broccoli. They are decorated with little bitty cheese ice cream cones. I saw it somewhere the interwebs, but they're really easy to make. The cones are just a piece of cheddar cheese that I cross-hatched with a tooth pick. I wish I'd gotten a closeup, because they really do look like little tiny cones. The ice cream is simply provolone cheese.

The Verdict: Surprisingly, she ate almost every bite of this lunch. There were a few wheat berries left, but that's about it. It looked like too much food after I made it, but she must have been hungry. They're pretty active in summer camp.

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