Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apple Tree: #12

Last week, I received a surprise delivery. A friend had seen some photos of the new lunches I've been creating for sweePea. She saw some little fruit-shaped metal cutters (sold as pie decorating cutters) and had them sent to me. As soon as Pea saw them, she immediately wanted me to create an apple tree bento. Now, I think I can do better. She also critiqued this one and said she meant she wanted a tree with an actual trunk. 

The box contains broccoli, apples, cornbread and a few red grapes hiding in the back. I'm having a little difficulty figuring out how to tightly pack the boxes, but I figure that'll come with practice. I soaked the apples in a citric acid solution for a while. I'll update later with the results.

The Verdict: She said all the apples except the one without peal held up nicely. It turned brown, but she ate it anyway. She usually eats more of the broccoli than she did in this box. Her school policy is for the kids to take home everything they brought in the lunch so parents will know exactly what the kids are eating. So this one came home with lots of little broccoli leavings. She clearly spent a fair amount of time nibbling off only the tips of the little florets.

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